Veterinary Colleges in Tennessee

Veterinary colleges in Tennessee can help prepare you for a career helping and caring for animal patients. Some students attend veterinary colleges in Tennessee to become a veterinary technician, but schools in Tennessee can also prepare you to start a career as a veterinarian also. Another option for students is to become a certified vet tech first and then continue their education to become a veterinarian while working full time.

Locate Local Veterinary Colleges in Tennessee

Finding nearby veterinary colleges in Tennessee is a great way to embark upon a new occupation in the veterinary arena. If you are unable to locate colleges in your area, you may also consider an online veterinary training program.

Veterinary Technician Job Duties

The primary responsibility of a veterinary tech is to support the activities and operations of the veterinarian. The veterinary technician is responsible for many of the regular activities in a clinic or animal hospital in Tennessee. By managing the less crucial activities, the veterinary technician frees the time of the veterinarian, allowing him/her to spend more time attending to and diagnosing each patient. Some of the regular responsibilities of veterinary technicians include:

  • conducting physical examinations
  • gather urine and blood samples
  • process simple lab tests
  • work with owners
  • record patient history
  • assisting with front office business functions

Veterinary colleges in Tennessee should help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to complete these responsibilities effectively. The first step is to identify local Tennessee veterinary colleges.

Veterinary Technician Wages in Tennessee

Some may ask, what kind of wages does a veterinary technician make in Tennessee? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median wage of veterinary technicians in the U.S. was $29,710. The veterinary technician wages  in Tennessee vary based on various economic factors. For more detailed wage data, see the veterinary technician salary by state table compiled only on

 Tennessee Veterinary Technician Jobs

Veterinary Technician Jobs in TennesseeOne major worry that some students have is if there will be any veterinary technician jobs in Tennessee when they finish the training. The BLS has indicated that vet techs have a very good future. In fact, the BLS projects a huge 52% growth of the occupation between 2010 and 2020. That calculates into over 41,000 new vet tech jobs in the U.S., including jobs in Tennessee.

This is great news for potential students considering attending veterinary colleges in Tennessee. There are very few industries with such high projected growth. The average growth for all occupations in the U.S. is projected at a mere 14%. Now is the moment to locate veterinary colleges in Tennessee.