Veterinary Techncian Saves Puppy from Poisoning

An animal lovers worst nightmare. The owner of a female puppy comes into the clinic claiming that the puppy ate rat poisoning and he doesn’t have the money to care for her. Veterinary technician Hope Lair, an appropriate name, immediately began to care for the puppy. That’s when, “I gained ownership of her. After a blood test and physical exam, she was very ill and weak but still might make it,” Hope said.

After examining the puppy they found that she was bleeding from the brain. There was a good possibility that she would need a blood plasma transfusion due to the poisoning. However, before going forward with the transfusion, Lair and staff wanted to see if the puppy’s liver could overcome the poison by itself.

Hope recounted, “The first two days she stayed with me at work and at home, and I closely monitored her to ensure she was not declining. After waking up the third day, to my surprise she was pink again and was running, jumping and acting as a puppy should. I still have her and she is progressing hugely, gaining weight and doing great with potty and crate training.” Hope is now searching for a loving home for the puppy.

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Become a Veterinary Technician

Image provided by The Telegraph.

Hope represents the true purpose of the veterinary technician occupation. It’s not just about loving animals, it’s about having the skills and education to save lives. It is the stories like Hope’s that make students want to become a veterinary technician. Because of people like Hope, pets and shelter animals have a chance at life after tragic injuries and illness. She developed her skills through veterinary technician training and so can you!

Veterinary Technician Duties

Veterinary technicians assist veterinarians with a wide variety of services. They are responsible for providing direct patient care to all kinds of animals. They take and analyze diagnostic tests for symptoms such as blood and urine tests. They learn valuable business skills by helping with office functions such as patient record keeping, sales, filing, and customer service.