Veterinary Technician Bit by German Shepard During Procedure

ROSWELL, NM – Local residents and animal activists are fighting to prevent the euthanizing of a German Shepard  dog that bit a veterinary technician last week.

Resident Siegfried Klepp was visiting Roswell’s animal control center when he found Max in one of the pens.  “He came to the gate, he was friendly, never barked, whined or anything,” said Klepp. “He just wanted to be out, so we figured he was a real good dog.”

Klepp immediately filled out the adoption papers and took Max home.  He then sent him to the vet where he was to be neutered.  That’s when things took a nasty turn.  Apparently prior to the procedure Max violently attacked the veterinary technician performing the procedure.  Witnesses say it wasn’t just a bite, but more of an attack.  Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh said, “It wasn’t just a fierce bit, but [he] actually clomped onto the arm, and I was told they had to pry the animal off the technician’s arm.”

The veterinary technician was not identified but was immediately rushed to the emergency room.  Some were concerned that there might have been serious damage to the arm, but the technician was reportedly doing well.

Max was returned to the pound where he is undergoing monitoring an evaluation.  Because of some pressure by local residents and animal activists, District Judge Beatrice Brickhouse has authorized a temporary restraining order on Max, prohibiting the City of Roswell from euthanizing.

Veterinary Technician Work Environment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that veterinary technologists and technicians work in an environment that has a higher rate of injury and illness than the national average.  Much of this is due to working alongside ill and injured animals who become aggressive during treatment.  Injuries most often occur when holding, cleaning or restraining an animal.  However, veterinary technician training teaches these healthcare professionals how to identify aggressive behavior and prevent injury whenever possible.