Veterinary Technician Schools in Galveston

There are various veterinary technician schools in Galveston where you can speedily receive your certification to become a veterinary professional. Veterinary technicians are an integral part of animal hospitals and vet clinics. The primary duty of a vet tech in Galveston is to support the work of the veterinary doctor(s) in command. The veterinary industry is growing and the future outlook for veterinary technicians is very promising. Veterinary technician schools in Galveston can help prepare you for the workplace.

Veterinary Technician Salary in Galveston

Veterinary Technician Salary in GalvestonAccording to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for a veterinary technician is $30,290 per year or about $15 per hour. Many college students are worried about finding a job when they graduate. Not only is getting a job important, but the salary needs to be sufficient to maintain a decent standard of living. Based on BLS statistics, veterinary technician salary in Galveston is solid enough to begin a lengthy career.

Galveston Veterinary Technician Job Description

A vet tech has the responsibility of supporting the veterinarian by completing numerous duties. Providing direct care to animals, administering medications, and taking blood and urine samples are some of the common responsibilities of a veterinary technician in Galveston. Some other veterinary technician activities include:

  • Conduct lab tests, such as blood tests and urinalysis
  • Develop and take x-rays
  • Take and record medical history
  • Converse with and provide customer service to pet owners

Based on the location in Galveston, a veterinary technician’s daily job duties can be active and exciting or slow paced and laid back. Veterinary technician schools in Galveston should prepare you to manage the responsibilities necessary for a vet tech in any veterinary setting.

Veterinary Technician Certification Exam

The system by which veterinary technicians are regulated differs from state to state. Many states utilize the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) as the standard for the final exam to become registered or certified as an official veterinary technician. The final examination will cover nearly all areas of coursework addressed throughout the two year program. The cost of the examination may vary in Galveston, but the VTNE is approximately $45 per exam.

Preparing for the Final Exam in Galveston

The The majority of the topics discussed in the curriculum of veterinary technician schools in Galveston will be addressed in the final exam. It is important to study and review all areas of the material presented over the two years. Commonly, students in Galveston become overwhelmed and become worried about taking the examination, fearing they won’t pass. To help with preparing, you can review this list of references used in the exam and the list of abbreviations used in the VTNE. You can also take a practice exam before applying for the official final examination. The practice test will give you advice on how to prepare for the actual test in Galveston.

Future of Veterinary Technician Jobs in Galveston

Veterinary technician schools in Galveston will help prepare you for the workforce as a certified vet tech. Compared with most other occupations, the future job outlook for veterinary technicians in Galveston is positive. The BLS has estimated that veterinary technicians jobs will increase by 52% between 2010 and 2010. That is translated as about 41,000 new vet tech jobs, including veterinary technician jobs in Galveston.